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WiFi reception issues

Having WiFi reception issues in your home or office?

Did you know that a wifi system can lose up to 50 percent of it’s working speed when you use a wifi connection which can cause poor streaming or download speed.

Furthermore, reception issues can be caused by the building structure, power circuits or partition walls. So the more connectivity you can gain the better. Having solid links between the modem and your equipment is a full proof way to ensure you have the best result possible.

Skytec Aerials can run CAT 5 / CAT 6 cables known as network cables, direct from your modem to any other room of your choice to give you the maximum speed available. Cables can be run sympathetically on the outside of the house to a location of your choice to connect directly into the computer/laptop via socket and patch lead.

Most modems can run 4 or more cables to different locations giving you plenty of options should you need them to distribute your network around your building.

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